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Packing and Shipping a Banjo

Customers often call or email us for instructions on how to pack their banjos for shipping. The way I ship all my new banjos and repairs out is as follows: I put the banjo in its case and wad up a double sheet of newspaper under the peghead. I twist up a double sheet of […]

Stelling’s Set-up System

Proper banjo set-up must be done in stages so that repetition of steps done out of sequence is eliminated. If you follow the below listed checks, and do adjustments as necessary, going from the truss rod to the tailpiece setting, you will not have to repeat any adjustments that may have been thrown off by […]

A Stelling Banjo Chronology

Important Instruments and Significant Dates Compiled by Sherry and Geoff Stelling For purchase of selected used instruments, please see our our classified ads. Note: Numbers refer to serial numbers of individual instruments.   Year 1974     Serial Nos. 1 – 7 No. 1 – First banjo completed, Bellflower, sold to Bonnie Hasting, Geoff’s banjo student, on […]