Stelling is pleased to offer repair services, including:

Standard fret wire is available for $475 installed.  Stainless fret wire is available installed at $600 and Evo (gold colored) wire is available at $575 installed which is almost as hard as stainless and looks great on a gold plated banjo.  All fret jobs include a new compensated nut or the standard nut on those models that have them such as the Crusader and Flying Eagle.

Since our original Ludwig heads are no longer being made, we now offer a comparable head made by REMO to the same standards as the the crimped Ludwigs.  They are frosted top, medium crown heads that are crimped instead of epoxied into the rim thereby making them as strong and durable as the old Ludwigs and are now the standard replacement head for all Stelling banjos at $15 each or $25 installed if no other pot dis-assembly is required.

Install new standard old wood bridge:  $40

Retrofit rim with Tony Pass rim including set up: $575

Clean all metal parts including head replacement: $95
Without head replacement: $75

Set up with new strings and same head and bridge:  Included with any neck repair work.
If no repair work is done, set up is $35 with same strings, head, and bridge.
Additional costs will apply for new parts.

Repairwork for broken neck starts at $75 without any refinishing.  All repairs will have to be evaluated prior to work done or price quotes issued.  All neck and pot repairs will require a complete set up which is included in the repair price.

Replating, engraving, and any custom work will be quoted as needed.

Refinishing is quoted as needed with the minimum being $300 for a neck and $150 for a resonator. Repair work is extra and charged by the hourly rate of $75.

All shipping costs will be paid by customer.

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