A Stelling Banjo Chronology

Important Instruments and Significant Dates
Compiled by Sherry and Geoff Stelling

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Note: Numbers refer to serial numbers of individual instruments.


Year 1974     Serial Nos. 1 – 7

No. 1 – First banjo completed, Bellflower, sold to Bonnie Hasting, Geoff’s banjo student, on July 25th. Bonnie returned the banjo to Geoff in 1988 for banjo #3371.

No. 2 – First Staghorn and first Stelling designed, built for Brian Welchel, also a student. Now owned by Geoff Stelling.

No. 3 – First Whitestar made of walnut.

No. 4 – First tenor banjo.


Year 1975     Serial Nos. 8 – 45

No. 09 – First Golden Cross made of walnut.

No. 12 – Staghorn built for Alan Munde.

No. 13 – First Gospel and first banjo Geoff kept for himself. Now owned by Jimmy Stelling.

No. 14 – First Scrimshaw with inlaid whale, made for employee and former student and Scrimshaw design creator Jon Wegand.

No. 21 – Bellflower built for Hub Nitchie, founder of Banjo Newsletter magazine.

No. 33 – Second Scrimshaw. Features porpoises on resonator.

No. 35 – Whitestar B with a brass tone ring; first instrument distributed by Elderly Instruments.


Year 1976     Serial Nos. 46- 285

No. 050 – First Starflower.

No. 084 – Third Scrimshaw . Features a relieved whale on resonator. Parts were engraved and black chrome plated in 1997.

No. 091 – Golden Cross built for Don Reno.

No. 105 – Fourth Scrimshaw built for Alan Munde. Features engraved black chrome and gold plating, with two porpoises relieved on resonator.

No. 115 – Golden Cross built for Craig Smith.

No. 140 – Gospel flathead – the first of three banjos built for Ralph Stanley.

No. 178 – Fifth Scrimshaw. Features a porpoise on resonator and silver wire in the fingerboard.

No. 243 – Staghorn built for Alison Brown.

No. 259 – First archtop banjo.

No. 269 – First banjo with glued-in frets. Frets have been installed in this manner on all subsequent banjos.


Year 1977     Serial Nos. 286 – 644

Ebonol fingerboards are used beginning with serial no. 558. The company returns to using ebony in August 1980 with serial number 1619.

No. 395 – Golden Cross built for Lee Lenker.

No. 399 – Sixth Scrimshaw. Features a double-bound peghead and two porpoises on resonator.

No. 411 – First top tension banjo.

No. 600 – Whitestar played by James Bailey recorded with the Country Gentlemen.


Year 1978     Serial Nos. 645 – 948

No. 673 – Arch Angel – a one-of-a-kind Scrimshaw type of artwork. Features an angel playing a silver horn on resonator and a gold horn inlaid on the peghead.

No. 777 – Gospel made for Ralph Stanley and pictured in the Masters of the 5-String Banjo. Now owned by Jim Pankey.

No. 806 – Staghorn given to Geoff’s son, Jimmy, then 9 years old, now with the Hackensaw Boys.

No. 810 – Seventh Scrimshaw. Features a siren on a rock luring a ship in the distance.

No. 827 – Whitestar banjeauring built for Lewis Phillips of the Lewis Family. Played on the Dolly Parton Show.


Year 1979     Serial Nos. 949 – 1368

No. 0940 – Staghorn presented to Ricky Skaggs.

No. 0990 – First Superstar model.

No. 1031 – Eighth Scrimshaw. Purchased by Chuck Erickson, known as the Duke of Pearl. Features giant squid and was pictured in the 1979 catalog.

No. 1090 – Staghorn. Purchased by Steve Carlson, originator of the Flatiron Mandolin.

No. 1128 – Bellflower. Played by Mark Vann, Leftover Salmon.

No. 1183 – Whitestar. Purchased by Dennis Caplinger.

No. 1228 – Prototype of the Sonflower, specially made for Sonny Osborne. Features gold plating, engraved tail piece and armrest, and custom Bellflower inlay. Now owned by Wayne Rice.

No. 1269 – First Sunflower made of stained Birdseye maple, black-white-black binding, scrimshaw binding on peghead.

No. 1345 – Gospel built for Dave Marshall of the Marshall Family.

First mandolin finished March 12, 1979. A total of 79 mandolins were made in California through November 1982, when production was temporarily stopped.


Year 1980     Serial Nos. 1369 – 1801

No. 1387 – Custom Kirk six-string banjo neck added to a Stelling pot and resonator, specially made for Sonny Osborne.

No. 1402 – Ninth Scrimshaw. Features whale fluke.

No. 1427 – Sunflower purchased by Jack Hatfield.

No. 1465 – Gospel Junior (21 fret) made for Lewis Philllips.

No. 1487 – Staghorn built for John McEuen.

No. 1619 – First Masterpiece model played by Little Roy Lewis for eight years.

No. 1705 – Tenth Scrimshaw. Features back-flipping humpback whale.

No. 1761 – First Sonflower production model built for Sonny Osborne. Total of 24 made.

No. 1777 – Second Sonflower purchased by Snuffy Smith.

No. 1788 – Newer style Sunflower.


Year 1981     Serial Nos. 1802 – 2171

No. 1919 – Sixth Masterpiece purchased by Ben Eldridge.

No. 1955 – Eleventh Scrimshaw. Features two porpoises on peghead and resonator.

No. 1972 – Sunflower purchased by Buddy Blackman, banjo player for Jerry Reed’s band. Played on the Smoky and the Bandit movie soundtrack.

No. 2121 – Stelling tuners introduced.

No. 2134 – First banjo to have three-ply Stewart-MacDonald rims.


Year 1982     Serial Nos. 2172 – 2468

No. 2174 – Sunflower built for Tony Trischka.

No. 2200 – Brass rim rods introduced.

No. 2302 – Newer style Bellflower.

No. 2303 – Newer style Whitestar.

No. 2305 – Custom Sunflower called the Mountaineer was built for Michael McLain. Features gold plating and engraving, 1st fret inlaid with an “M”, black binding with purfling.

No. 2312 – Custom stained Whitestar with two fifth string tuners installed on neck, gold plated, with block pot. Built for Jerry Reed.

No. 2337 – First Bird of Prey model built, featuring bald eagle. Pictured in the 1982 catalog.

No. 2434 – Woodtone Bellflower built for John Hartford.

No. 2439 – Woodtone Sunflower built for Ben Eldridge.

No. 2443 – Twelfth Scrimshaw. Features an otter.

No. 2462 – Second Bird of Prey. Features a bald eagle.

Copper flanges introduced in July.


Year 1983     Serial Nos. 2469 – 2730

No. 2500 – First Timbertone model. Made for John Hartford. No name on rim. Standard peghead.

No. 2549 – First Hartford Model T model.

No. 2556 – Third Bird of Prey. Features an eagle descending on a steelhead fish.

No. 2638 – Sunflower built for Raymond Fairchild.

No. 3642 – Reissue of the Whitestar.

No. 2664 – Fourth Bird of Prey. Features a Red Tail Hawk.

No. 2710 – Sunflower built for Don Wayne Reno.

No. 2729 – Sixth Bird of Prey. Features a bald eagle. Archtop.


Year 1984     Serial Nos. 2731 – 2908

No. 2754 – Masterpiece #33, fitted with the first Stelling bridge, and made for Raymond Fairchild.

No. 2782 – Seventh Bird of Prey. Features an eagle and fish. Archtop.

No. 2822 – Eighth Bird of Prey. Features a cooper’s hawk and snake.

No. 2866 – First 10th Anniversary Masterpiece banjo. Total of nine made.

No. 2906 – Last banjo assembled in California.

No. 2907 – First banjo shipped from Virginia location, a Sunflower.

Stelling bridges introduced in February.


Year 1985   Serial Nos. 2909-3013

No. 2972 – Staghorn of curly maple. First one to be assembled in new shop.

No. 3000 – First banjo to be totally manufactured in Virginia.

Centrifugally cast tone rings and flanges introduced in late summer.


Year 1986     Serial Nos. 3014-3127

No. 3079 – First Virginian. Features large white mother-of-pearl Cardinal in peghead. Owned by Gary Robertson.

No. 3019 – First production Virginian owned by Donnie “Beetle” Bailey also featured in 1987 catalog.


Year 1987     Serial Nos. 3128 – 3258

No. 3192 – First Predator, Bird of Prey.



Year 1988     Serial Nos. 3259 – 3406

No. 3313 – First Masterflower.

No. 3329 – First Moonflower.

No. 3330 – First Master’s Cross Deluxe.

No. 3333 – Second Master’s Cross Deluxe owned by Geoff Stelling.

No. 3345 – Staghorn built for Alison Brown.

No. 3371 – First Carolinian. Made of cherry.

No. 3406 -Custom wide neck Virginian model built for Eddie Adcock.


Year 1989     Serial Nos. 3407 – 3552

No. 3384 – First banjo with radius fingerboard.

No. 3435 – Moonflower played by Jody King.

No. 3439 – First 15th Anniversary Masterpiece. Total of nine made.

No. 3482 – Last Moonflower.

No. 3485 – First banjo to have cherry neck insert.

No. 3490 – First Moonshadow.

No. 3494 – Ninth Bird of Prey. Features a great horned owl.

No. 3502 – First Masterflower Deluxe.

No. 3539 – First Bill Emerson Virginian.

No. 3550 – First Bill Emerson Red Fox Deluxe.


Year 1990     Serial Nos. 3553 – 3685

No. 3557 – Virginian built for Rickie Simpkins.

No. 3561 – First Red Fox model.

No. 3580 – First Bill Emerson Red Fox.

No. 3581 – Last Moonshadow banjo.

No. 3602 – Second Predator. Features a bald eagle.

No. 3606 – Last Bellflower with bound peghead.

No. 3615 – Third Predator, tenor. Features an eagle and fish on resonator. Purchased by Akira Tsumura.

In January, the first Foggy Mountain Banjo is built. Originally envisioned as a more economically priced instrument; a total of 30 of these banjos were made, bearing separate serial numbers of 1 – 30.

In April, John Hamlett started mandolin production again.

Guitar No. 001 – First Stelling guitar, model CHD-100. The first four were made of unstained cherry.


Year 1991     Serial Nos. 3686 – 3825

No. 3693 – Fourth Predator. Features a peregrine falcon and a bufflehead duck.

No. 3725 – First White Dove.

No. 3727 – First Indian Chief, presented to the Indian Motorcycle Company.

No. 3762 – White Dove open back built for Michael Miles.

No. 3815 – Second Indian Chief. Now owned by Will Heintz.

Guitar No. 007 – RHD-125 purchased by Russell Moore.


Year 1992     Serial Nos. 3826 – 3958

No. 3827 – Thirteenth Scrimshaw, tenor. Features hump back whale. Purchased by Akira Tsumura.

No. 3903 – Masterflower played by Terry Baucom and recorded with on New Roots Down (III Tyme Out and Carolina Blue (Carolina).

No. 3939 – Red Fox with engraved armrest presented to the Tennessee Banjo Institute.

No. 3940 – First Legend of the Dogwood model.

No. 3941 – Second Legend of the Dogwood.


Year 1993     Serial Nos. 3959 – 4085

No. 3975 – Third Legend of the Dogwood.

No. 3980 – Fourth Legend of the Dogwood.

No. 4000 – Third Indian Chief.

No. 4003 – Last Hartford Model T made.

No. 4006 – Masterflower with 26.428″ scale made for Tony Ellis.

No. 4011 – Fifth Legend of the Dogwood.

No. 4020 – First Winterhawk banjo, made of shaded curly maple with gold plating and engraving, is raffled to benefit the Winterhawk scholarship fund.

No. 4024 – First top tension Staghorn made since 1982. Built for Paul Craft.

No. 4026 – Sixth Legend of the Dogwwod.

No. 4027 – Seventh Legend of the Dogwood.

No. 4070 – Eighth Legend of the Dogwood.

No. 4072 – Ninth Legend of the Dogwood.

No. 4073 – Tenth (and last) Legend of the Dogwood.

A top tension option is reintroduced.

Guitar No. 008 – First RAD-125, (abalone trim) owned by Geoff Stelling.


Year 1994     Serial Nos. 4085 – 4216

No. 4086 – Masterflower built for Dave Marshall.

No. 4091 – Bill Emerson Red Fox built for Steve Baldridge of Goldwing Express.

No. 4093 – First 20th Anniversary Staghorn model built for Alan Munde.

No. 4094 – Fourth Indian Chief.

No. 4118 – Second 20th Anniversary.

No. 4136 – Third 20th Anniversary.

No. 4144 – Second Winterhawk banjo, made of unstained cherry with black chrome.

No. 4150 – Fourth 20th Anniversary.

No. 4167 – First banjo made with Cooperman rim.

No. 4168 – Fifth 20th Anniversary.

No. 4193 – First Masterflower Deluxe with gold plating and engraving built for James Bailey.


Year 1995     Serial Nos. 4217 – 4381

No. 4228 – First Alan Munde Staghorn banjo built for Dennis Caplinger of Bluegrass, Etc.

No. 4233 – Custom banjo built for Tony Ellis.

No. 4273 – Third Winterhawk banjo made of black walnut with gold plating and engraving.

No. 4282 – Sixth 20th Anniversary.

No. 4301 – Seventh 20th Anniversary.

No. 4317 – First Bill Emerson Red Fox to feature Bill Emerson’s signature.

No. 4328 – Top tension Sunflower for Eddie Adcock.

No. 4332 – Staghorn for the U.S. Navy Band.

No. 4343 – Eighth (and last) 20th Anniversary, owned by Geoff Stelling.

No. 4381 – First MerleFest banjo.   Made of walnut.



Year 1996     Serial Nos. 4382 – 4548

No. 4406 – First Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4446 – Second Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4456 – First newer style Virginian model with abalone trim.

Photographed for front cover of 1997 catalog. First played by Elmer Burchette.

No. 4459 – Custom Virginian built for Larry Wallace of Jimmy Martin’s band.

No. 4467 – Fifth (and last) Indian Chief.

No. 4471 – Third Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4479 – Fourth Winterhawk banjo. Made of shaded curly maple with gold plating and engraving.

No. 4483 – Red Fox built for Will Parsons.

No. 4490 – Fourth Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4500 – Fifth Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4516 – Sixth Song of the Mockingbird (custom).

No. 4531 – One hundredth (and last) Masterpiece.

Guitar No. 033 – RAD-125 played by Charlie Sizemore.


Year 1997     Serial Nos. 4549 – 4696

No. 4580 – Seventh Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4582 – Second MerleFest banjo. Made of curly maple stained silver gray, with bead blasted chrome.

No. 4604 – Fifth Winterhawk banjo, made in the same style as MerleFest 4582.

No. 4621 – Sunflower model built for Terry Baucom.

No. 4622 – Eighth Song of the Mockingbird, tenor.

No. 4642 – Masterflower made for Ben Greene.

No. 4643 – FleckTone banjo built for Bela Fleck.

No. 4672 – First Tree of Life.

Guitar No. 039 – RAD-125. Owner, Gary Brewer.

Guitar No. 041 – RHD-125. Owner, Larry Sparks.

Guitar No. 042 – RAD-125. Owner, James King.

Guitar No. 050 – First SHD-125 model, made of claro walnut.

Guitar No. 052 – RHD-125. Owner, Gary Ferguson.


Year 1998     Serial Nos.4697- 4850

No. 4705 – Ninth Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4709 – Virginian built for Eric Gibson.

No. 4728 – First tension hoop stamped with the Stelling name.

No. 4737 – First Swallowtail built for Tom Hanway.

No. 4751 – Third MerleFest banjo. Made in the same style as 1997.

No. 4764 – Sixth Winterhawk banjo. Made in the same style as 1997.

No. 4768 – Tenth (and last) Song of the Mockingbird.

No. 4824 – Custom Masterflower with radiused fingerboard built for Murphy Henry.

Stelling LS-5 model mandolins were introduced.

Guitar No. 076 – RHD-125 purchased by Leigh Gibson of the Gibson Brothers.

Guitar No. 089 – First and only RHD-125S produced featuring a shaded top.


Year 1999     Serial Nos. 4851 – 5007

No. 4855 – Custom Masterflower built for Ned Luberecki. Features a radiused fingerboard , gold plating and engraving.

No. 4857 – First Tree of Life. Features doves instead of the mockingbirds.

No. 4905 – Fourth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 4915 – Sunflower with radiused fingerboard built for Tony Trischka. Styled after the old Sunflower with no first fret inlay.

No. 4941 – Seventh Winterhawk banjo.

No. 4977 – Second Tree of Life.

No. 5000 – Third Tree of Life. Custom carved heel and inlaid resonator.


Year 2000     Serial Nos. 5008 – 5143

No. 5014 – Fourth Tree of Life.

No. 5052 – Fifth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 5082 – First Grey Fox banjo.

No. 5095 – First Zodiac banjo. Features Libra inlay in first fret.


Year 2001     Serial Nos. 5144 – 5294

No. 5151 – Second Zodiac banjo. Features a blue moon stain, bead- blasted, chrome plated, engraved parts.

No. 5164 – Custom mahogany Masterflower made for Lynwood Lunsford.

No. 5167 – Fifth Tree of Life.

No. 5191 – Sixth Merle Fest banjo

No. 5207 – First Butterfly banjo. Open back.

No. 5227 – Second Grey Fox banjo.

No. 5233 – Sixth Tree of Life.

No. 5241 – Seventh Tree of Life.

No. 5267 – First Virginian Deluxe with cardinal engraving pattern.


Year 2002     Serial Nos. 5295 – 5472

No. 5307 – First Butterfly banjo with resonator. Engraved metal parts.

No. 5319 – Eighth Tree of Life.

No. 5343 – Seventh Merle Fest banjo.

No. 5379 – Third Grey Fox banjo.

No. 5385 – Ninth Tree of Life.

No. 5406 – Bellflower. First banjo with a tunneled 5th string.

No. 5415 – First Black Stag banjo. This model replaces the Alan Munde Staghorn.

No. 5432-1 – First Lost Forest banjo. Made entirely out of old wood.

No. 5433-1 – First Old Woody banjo. Made entirely out of old wood.

No. 5436 – First Tomahawk banjo. Made for Steve Baldridge.

Early this year Stelling began using the Tony Pass Old Wood Rims.

Last Stelling production guitar made. Serial no. 101


Year 2003     Serial Nos. 5473 – 5659

No. 5478 – First Red Fox Deluxe. Last banjo made with cherry. This model replaces the Bill Emerson Red Fox Deluxe.

No. 5498 – Golden Cross banjo made for Tony Ellis.

No. 5483-2 – Second Lost Forest banjo.

No. 5514 – Second Old Woody banjo. Made of Birds Eye maple, custom green stain.

No. 5519 – Eighth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 5555 – Custom Butterfly with bead-blasted, chrome plated, and engraved parts.

No. 5562 – Fourth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 5586 – Third Old Woody, spalted maple stained green, black chrome plating.

No. 5600 – 30th Anniversary Model – The Viking

No. 5607 – White Cross. Golden Cross with all white inlays. Curly maple, black-white-black binding, OW600TS rim, archtop tone ring.

June 7 – Stelling Banjo Works begins 30th year in business.

Last of the LS-5 Mandolins. Total of 34 made.



Year 2004     Serial Nos. 5660-5865

No. 5678 – Fourth Old Woody. Features old wood birdseye maple stained green. PVD gold plated parts.

No. 5700 – Custom 7 string banjo.

No. 5708 – Ninth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 5709P – Proto-type Crusader.

No. 5709 – First Production Crusader Deluxe.

No. 5710 – First Standard Crusader. Archtop tone ring.

No. 5723 – Lightning Custom banjo. Lightning inlay pattern by Brian Calhoun, cobalt stained curly maple, plectrum style neck. Made for Jesse East.

No. 5754 – Fifth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 5800 – Fifth Old Woody. Features old wood Birdseye maple stained cobalt, gold and engraved parts.

No. 5830 – Crusader made for Alan Munde.

No. 5863 – Crusader banjo made for Chris Warner with custom neck.



Year 2005     Serial Nos. 5866-6091

No. 5924 – Tenth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 5982 – Sixth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 5979 – Custom Butterfly. Cobalt blue stained curly maple, fancy engraving, ebony butterflies on resonator sides.

No. 6054 – Custom Tree of Life. Unstained old wood birds eye maple, black chrome and gold plated engraved parts.

No. 6056 – Sixth Old Woody. Cobalt blue stain old wood birds eye maple, bead-blasted chrome plated, engraved parts.



Year 2006     Serial Nos. 6092-6277

No. 6162 – Eleventh Merle Fest banjo.

No. 6168 – Seventh Grey Fox banjo.

No. 6205 – Custom Butterfly. Aqua blue stained curly maple, fancy engraving, bead-blasted chrome plating.

No. 6230 – Custom banjo made of spalted maple, natural finish.

No. 6232 – Grizzly bear banjo. Curly maple with pyrographed peghead and resonator. Gold plated and engraved. Owned by Terry Fohey.



Year 2007   Serial Nos. 6278- 6431

No. 6322 – Twelfth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 6345 – Custom Ivory Bill banjo. Birds eye maple, chrome plated. Owned by Rex Lindley.

No. 6354 – Eighth Grey Fox banjo.



Year 2008     Serial Nos. 6432 – 6589

No. 6485 – Thirteenth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 6506 – Crusader made for Old Crow Medicine Show band.

No. 6522 – Ninth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 6524 – Solid wood Arch top (no metal tone ring) Crusader made for Old Crow Medicine Show band.

No. 6558 – Custom Grand Teton banjo made of Koa wood for Devin Tower.

No. 6587 – Custom stained cobalt blue Old Woody banjo made for Jeff Benjamin.



Year 2009   Serial Nos.   6590 – 6659

No. 6590 – Crusader made for Raymond Fairchild.

No. 6596 – Custom walnut banjo, gold plated called the Master McGrath made for Peter Toman. The banjo was named after a famous racing Greyhound dog in Ireland.

No. 6610 – Fourteenth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 6624 – Tenth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 6636 – Crusader made for the Avett Brothers band.

No. 6658 –   Solid wood Arch top Masterflower banjo made for Steve Martin. Engraved with a Crow after his CD.


Year 2010   Serial Nos. 6660 – 6725

No. 6662 –   Custom Two Star Indian banjo made for Richard Barrett.

No. 6680 –   Staghorn banjo for Scott Avett.

No. 6679 –   Fifteenth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 6689 –   Eleventh Grey Fox banjo.

No. 6716 –   Custom banjo with a goat named “Piccolo” on the peghead made for Frank Kruesi.


Year 2011   Serial Nos. 6726 – 6794

No. 6748 – Sixteenth Merle Fest banjo

No. 6756 – Custom Old Woody banjo made of Birds Eye maple, stained moss green for Kazuhiro Hagiuda.

No. 6758 –   Custom Old Woody banjo, archtop, chrome plated made for Roger Lynch down in Australia.

No. 6789 – Twelfth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 6792 – Custom Free Mason banjo made for Mark Wallace.


Year 2012   Serial Nos. 6795 – 6895

No. 6819 – Seventeenth Merle Fest banjo made for their 25th Anniversary.

No. 6843 – Thirteenth Grey Fox banjo.


Year 2013   Serial Nos. 6896 – 6206

No. 6921 – Eighteenth Merle Fest banjo.

No. 6933 – First Mammoth banjo made for Dan Lehman of Mammoth Lakes, California.

No. 6938 – Fourteenth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 6938 – First Marteka Challenge banjo. Cremona finished curly maple, top-tension made for Marteka Lake.

No. 6963 – Marteka Challenge Deluxe owned by Lyle Dent.

No. 6983 – First proto-type open bank banjo.


Year 2014   Serial Nos. 6207 – 6278

No. 6995 – Custom Sunflower with Scruggs style inlays owned by Col. John Schafer.

No. 7025 – Fifteenth Grey Fox banjo.

No. 7043 – Custom 40th Anniversary Exodus banjo. Fancy walnut, engraving, heel carving, gold plated. Owned by David Fields.


Year 2015   Serial Nos. 7061 – 7113

Year 2016   Serial Nos. 7114 –

 Coming soon a new mahogony banjo: unstained with black binding, no tone ring, special Tony Pass rim and weighs about 8 ½ lbs.

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