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The Afton Star

We are pleased to announce a new banjo, available beginning in the Summer of 2016: The Afton Star. Our friends at the Banjo Newsletter have put together a wonderful overview:   See and Hear it in Action!   Price: Call for availability and price. Contact Stelling Banjo Works directly for availability and sales of the […]

The Staghorn

In 1975, Alan Munde introduced the Stelling banjo to an international audience by playing the second Staghorn ever made with the Country Gazette. Since then, the Staghorn has remained one of the most desired banjos in the world and has become the trademark model of Stelling Banjo Works. The increasing rarity of the materials such […]

The Bellflower

Made of Virginia Black Walnut, the Bellflower boasts the natural beauty of unstained wood. A simple, yet elegant floral inlay pattern, combined with tasteful ivoroid/black/ivoroid binding on the neck and resonator make the Bellflower the choice of many. Wood: Black Walnut Plating: Nickel Price: Call for availability and price. Plating, engraving and other options available. […]

The Crusader

Stelling’s first mahogany model since 1978, the Crusader features a new peghead profile, a new script logo, and a longer scale (26.428 vs. 26.25). The Deluxe version has bead blasted gold plated parts with special engraving. The Crusader Wood: Mahogany Plating: Nickel Price: Price: Call for availability and price. The Crusader Deluxe Wood: Mahogany Plating: […]

The Golden Cross

The Golden Cross was the ninth Stelling banjo to be built, the first one to have the trademarked Stelling peghead shape, and was named for Tony Golden, who rode motorcycles with Geoff and bought the first Golden Cross. This model was also honored to be the banjo played by the late great Don Reno for […]

The Master’s Cross

The Christian cross on the peghead of this model is displayed as a thankful testimony to the part that God has played in Geoff’s business and personal life. Special features of this model include: Fancy Claro walnut on the neck and resonator, exquisite engraving and gold plating on the metal parts, and an inlaid quilted […]

The Master Flower

For those who like the popular Sunflower inlay pattern but prefer fancy walnut, peghead binding, and purfling rings in the resonator, the Master Flower is the answer. Standard engraving and gold plating would be nice options. Wood: Fancy Walnut Plating: Nickel Price: Call for availability and price. Plating, engraving and other options available. All models […]

The Red Fox

One of our newest models, inspired by master banjoist Bill Emerson, the Red Fox outsold every other model in 1996. Although new models tend to do that, we think that this model will join the Staghorn with its universal appeal and acceptance as a classic banjo design. The fancy curly maple used in this model […]

The Sunflower

By slightly modifying and adding to the Bellflower inlay pattern, and making the neck and resonator out of curly maple instead of walnut, we’ve created the Sunflower. The shaded, Cremona style “sunburst” staining on this model is very popular and highlights the quality of the wood used. Wood: Shaded Curly Maple Plating: Nickel Price: Call […]

The Swallowtail

At the request of virtuoso banjo player and noted Irish stylist Tom Hanway, Geoff Stelling, with much inspirational help from Tom, designed the SwallowTail, a truly Celtic banjo from stem to stern. The swallow, oak leaf, acorn, and closed knot inlays relate to the sacred Druid and Celtic traditions of the past. The neck and […]