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The Afton Star

We are pleased to announce a new banjo, available beginning in the Summer of 2016: The Afton Star. Our friends at the Banjo Newsletter have put together a wonderful overview:   See and Hear it in Action!   Price: Call for availability and price. Contact Stelling Banjo Works directly for availability and sales of the […]

Building a Better Banjo in Heards, Virgi...

In what was once a one room school house, built on the side of Heard’s Mountain in 1900, where sons and daughters of those who worked in the mountainside apple orchards learned their “3 Rs” and minded their “P’s and Q’s”, you will now find a myriad of woodworking equipment, handtools, and supplies suitable for […]

Packing and Shipping a Banjo

Customers often call or email us for instructions on how to pack their banjos for shipping. The way I ship all my new banjos and repairs out is as follows: I put the banjo in its case and wad up a double sheet of newspaper under the peghead. I twist up a double sheet of […]

Stelling’s Set-up System

Proper banjo set-up must be done in stages so that repetition of steps done out of sequence is eliminated. If you follow the below listed checks, and do adjustments as necessary, going from the truss rod to the tailpiece setting, you will not have to repeat any adjustments that may have been thrown off by […]

Stelling Mandolins

The Limited Production Stelling S-5 Mandolin As with all Stelling instruments, only the finest materials are used in making the S-5 Mandolin. The top and back are both hand-carved to replicate the best of the famed Lloyd Loar design with a slight modification of the scroll and tail of the fingerboard. Aged Adirondack spruce is […]

The Staghorn

In 1975, Alan Munde introduced the Stelling banjo to an international audience by playing the second Staghorn ever made with the Country Gazette. Since then, the Staghorn has remained one of the most desired banjos in the world and has become the trademark model of Stelling Banjo Works. The increasing rarity of the materials such […]

The Bellflower

Made of Virginia Black Walnut, the Bellflower boasts the natural beauty of unstained wood. A simple, yet elegant floral inlay pattern, combined with tasteful ivoroid/black/ivoroid binding on the neck and resonator make the Bellflower the choice of many. Wood: Black Walnut Plating: Nickel Price: Call for availability and price. Plating, engraving and other options available. […]

The Crusader

Stelling’s first mahogany model since 1978, the Crusader features a new peghead profile, a new script logo, and a longer scale (26.428 vs. 26.25). The Deluxe version has bead blasted gold plated parts with special engraving. The Crusader Wood: Mahogany Plating: Nickel Price: Price: Call for availability and price. The Crusader Deluxe Wood: Mahogany Plating: […]