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The Limited Production Stelling S-5 Mandolin

As with all Stelling instruments, only the finest materials are used in making the S-5 Mandolin. The top and back are both hand-carved to replicate the best of the famed Lloyd Loar design with a slight modification of the scroll and tail of the fingerboard. Aged Adirondack spruce is used for the top; highly figured and quartersawn curly maple is used for the sides, back, and neck.

Stelling mandolins were first produced in 1979 and about 80 were completed by 1982. The last 20 of those were S-5’s. They had flat fingerboards and the familiar stamped-out tailpieces that frequently lost their covers. The new S-5 features a 7 1/4 inch radiused fingerboard and gold-plated cast brass Allen tailpiece that offers superior performance in sound and restringing. The scale length is 13 7/8 inches. Gold-plated Schaller 16:1 ratio gears provide smooth and accurate tuning. A professional quality rectangular case featuring the Stelling logo, an arched lid, and crushed velvet lining, is provided.

S-5 Prices and Options

Our S-5 Mandolin is offered in two woods: Curly maple and quilted maple. The photograph shows an example of moderately quilted maple. The usual difference in tone is that curly maple tends to be a bit brighter; quilted maple is a bit mellower. Naturally, each piece of wood is going to vary, but both species sound exceptional in the Stelling mandolin. Quilted maple is much rarer, and therefore, more expensive. Prices for all options are listed below.

Price: Call for availability and price for the highly figured curly maple mandolins with an Adirondack spruce top, the extremely quilted maple mandolins, and left-handed models.

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