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Ralph Stanley holding a Stelling BanjoIn Memory of Ralph Stanley (1927-2016)

It was some time in May or so in 1976 when Ralph Stanley contacted me to make him a banjo to replace the RB-5 that had been recently stolen. I was glad to oblige and made him a Gospel model that had a flathead tonering. That did not fill the bill, as I expected, since Ralph always played on an archtop tonering banjo. So I made him another one with the archtop ring and he liked it a lot. That was in July of 1976. Within a year of that, Ralph asked if I could make a lighter banjo with an archtop ring, so I designed one and had it made to deliver on June 28, 1978.

This is a photo of Ralph holding that banjo.

It was a gold plated, engraved Gospel with a carved cross on the resonator. So, in the space of three years, Ralph owned and played three different Stelling banjos. Ultimately, Ralph got back his beloved RB-5 with the 40 hole archtop tonering, but he had recorded several albums with the Stelling Gospels he played in the meantime. One night while Ralph was in Charlottesville at the Prism Coffee House, he broke a string on his banjo and I happened to be in the audience.

He yelled out to me, “Hey, Geoff! Do you have a banjo I can play?” I so happened to have my 1988 Master’s Cross Deluxe and gave it to him to finish out the show. He played “Shout Little Lula” and brought the house down. He did play that banjo for the rest of the night much to my enjoyment and everyone in the Prism. Ralph was one of my favorite banjo players and always a friend at every festival or concert I was able to attend. The fact that he recorded with my banjo on some of his records is icing on the cake.

I’ll miss Ralph and know that everyone else will, too.

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Packing and Shipping a Banjo
Customers often call or email us for instructions on how to pack their banjos for shipping. The way I ship all my new banjos and repairs out is as follows: I put the banjo in its case and wad up a double sheet of newspaper under the peghead. I twist up a double sheet of

Stelling’s Set-up System
Proper banjo set-up must be done in stages so that repetition of steps done out of sequence is eliminated. If you follow the below listed checks, and do adjustments as necessary, going from the truss rod to the tailpiece setting, you will not have to repeat any adjustments that may have been thrown off by […]

A Stelling Banjo Chronology
Important Instruments and Significant Dates Compiled by Sherry and Geoff Stelling

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Join us at IBMA!
Come see us at the IBMA in Raleigh September 27 - 29, 2016! We're bringing the following instruments with us:

1999 Stelling LS-5 Mandolin, serial no. L012, curly maple, good condition with case $3000.00

1980 SuperStar banjo, serial no. 1509, new nut, good condition, with case $2800.00

1983 Whitestar banjo, serial no. 2504, stained curly maple, very good condition with case $2600.00

2001 Staghorn banjo, serial no. 5249, walnut with Keith D-tuners, excellent condition with case $4850.00

2006 Crusader Deluxe banjo, serial no. 6184, gold plated and engraved, excellent condition with case $5500.00

2015 Stelling S-5 Mandolin, serial no. 145, excellent condition/never been owned with case $6500.00

2016 Appalachian Frailer Open Back banjo, serial no. 7117, excellent condition/never been owned with case $2700.00

2016 Marteka Challenge Top Tension banjo, serial no. 7127, excellent condition/never been owned with case $6100.00

2016 Afton Star banjo, serial no. 7159, assembled 9/26/16, with case $3000.00

May 2016: News!

We are pleased to announce a brand new banjo, the Afton Star, available this summer. Check it out!

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