Building a Better Banjo in Heards, Vi...

In what was once a one room school house, built on the side of Heard’s Mountain in 1900, where sons and daughters of those who worked in the mountainside apple orchards learned their “3 Rs” and minded their “P’s and Q’s”, you will now find a myriad of woodworking equipment, handtools, and supplies sui [...]

Packing and Shipping a Banjo

Customers often call or email us for instructions on how to pack their banjos for shipping. The way I ship all my new banjos and repairs out is as follows: I put the banjo in its case and wad up a double sheet of newspaper under the peghead. I twist up a double sheet of newspaper and stuff it around each side of the pot (to prevent thumb scre [...]

Stelling’s Set-up System

Proper banjo set-up must be done in stages so that repetition of steps done out of sequence is eliminated. If you follow the below listed checks, and do adjustments as necessary, going from the truss rod to the tailpiece setting, you will not have to repeat any adjustments that may have been thrown off by doing them in the wrong sequence. Ste [...]

Stelling Mandolins

The Mandolin
The Limited Production Stelling S-5 Mandolin As with all Stelling instruments, only the finest materials are used in making the S-5 Mandolin. The top and back are both hand-carved to replicate the best of the famed Lloyd Loar design with a slight modification of the scroll and tail of the fingerboard. Aged Adirondack spruce is used for the [...]

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Stelling Gifts, strings, banjo accessories, and parts are available for sale online and directly from our store in Heards, Virginia. The online store is secure; your transactions will be protected.

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DC Bluegrass Union Festival
February 27-28, 2015
Sheraton Premiere Hotel, Tysons Corner, VA
Bill Emerson will join us for some of the time

Banjo Setup Workshop
Murphy Method Banjo Camp

March 28, 2015 (Afternoon and Evening)
Marriott, Winchester, VA

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