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The Old Woody 

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The Old Woody

Wood: Old maple stained a cobalt blue.

Features: The Old Woody features extensive inlay work using various materials such as abalone shell, mother of pearl, several types of wood, ivory, and reconstituted stone. For other options, please consult Stelling Banjo Works.

Price: $7500

Options: Plating, engraving and other options available. All models feature the Tony Pass 600TS Old Wood Rim and a deluxe TKL emerald green crushed velvet plush lined case. Left-handed, tenor, or plectrum versions of most models are available. Deluxe versions of the Crusader, Master's Cross, Red Fox, SwallowTail and Virginian (all with special engraving patterns unique to each model) are available with custom plating upon request.

To purchase please contact us directly for custom banjos.

To purchase this custom banjo, please contact:

Stelling Banjo Works
7258 Banjo Lane
Afton, Virginia 22920
Ph. (434) 295-1917,
or (800) 5-STRING.
Tel. hours are Mon.-Thurs. 9AM-4PM.

To purchase other banjo models, please consult our Authorized Dealer List.

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