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The SwallowTail

At the request of virtuoso banjo player and noted Irish stylist Tom Hanway, Geoff Stelling, with much inspirational help from Tom, designed the SwallowTail, a truly Celtic banjo from stem to stern. The swallow, oak leaf, acorn, and closed knot inlays relate to the sacred Druid and Celtic traditions of the past. The neck and resonator are made of curly maple and stained with a sunburst Cremona-style finish similar to the Virginian. The Deluxe version of this model features bead-blasted and subtly engraved metal parts and chrome plating. Both the Standard and the Deluxe models feature an inlaid abalone and mother-of-pearl swallow in the center of the resonator that matches the peghead swallow inlay.

The SwallowTail

Wood: Shaded Curly Maple
Plating: Nickel
Price: $6167

The SwallowTail Deluxe

Wood: Shaded Curly Maple
Plating: Matte Chrome/Engr.
Price: $9500

Plating, engraving and other options available. All models feature the Tony Pass 600TS Old Wood Rim and a deluxe TKL emerald green crushed velvet plush lined case. Left-handed, tenor, or plectrum versions of most models are available. Check dealer for price. Deluxe versions of the Crusader, Master's Cross, Red Fox, SwallowTail and Virginian (all with special engraving patterns unique to each model) are available with custom plating upon request.

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